Welcome to the RiveMC's Online Store.


IP: RiveMC.Net



This server is the hottest server on Minecraft. You can do what ever you want. We have almost no rules, and the rules we have are there to keep it fair for everyone. We try as much fun as possible for you.We are always working to improve the server, if the server is equally close. This is in order to improve the experience on the server.




The store, by default, is in EUR. You can change this by selecting your currency in the store options at the top right of every page.



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I accidently bought a rank for the wrong username.

A: If you purchased an item for an icorrect name, we can do a rank transfer asap, however this may take time. We will need to see prove that it was you that purchased the item.


Q: Do I have to purchase a rank?

A: Not at all! You are not being forced to purchase a rank, however doining so greatly helps out the server, and allows us to provide a greater experience for you. Whether that be more gamemodes, plugins, items.Purchasing a rank help us stay alive, and doing so is highly appriciated.



Note to parents: We understand that the idea that your child wants to buy something on the internet is a bit worrying . You child is playing on an online world with many features, however it does not come with all of them. Purchasing a higher rank gives your child more features, the higher the rank the more features the y get. This allows them to get extra things within the network therefore making the game experience more enjoyable.